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Drones Unlimited® is a veteran-owned brand serving the United States providing various drone and media services. Established in 2015, thousands of drones services for industries such as real estate, construction, and engineering have been successful. UAV / Drone services are the safest means of acquiring highly accurate data. We are 107 licensed and insured. Drones Unlimited is not a licensed surveyor, engineering firm, or real estate company.









Our Quality

Experience + large censors = amazing datasets. The DJI Matrice 300, Phoenix LiDAR Recon-A, and two Emlid RS2 base/rover produce centimeter accurate deliverables for survey & engineering firms to utilize in Civil3D and other applications. The Phoenix LiDAR Recon-A specs include a Sony 24mp camera, Livox Avia sensor, 720k points scan rate, -+2cm range accuracy with 3 returns. Colorized point clouds with LiDAR data! The drone of choice for aerial prints and video is the DJI Mavic 3 (20mp 4/3 CMOS sensor, 4k video up to 120fps, 5K 50fps).

Recon-A  +  LiDARMill Software

  • 3-6cm Absolute Accuracy @ 60m AGL

  • 720k Points Per Second

  • Sony Camera 24mp Integrated

  • PPK Accuracy Position est: 0.5 cm

  • Deliverables available in .LAS / .LAZ

About Our Pilots

Drones Unlimited Pilot
Drones Unlimited Pilot

Our Beginning

Drones Unlimited®  is a nationwide brand founded in 2015. The founder / Chief pilot is Navy-veteran Bryan Gonzalez. Bryan is a licensed 107 drone pilot and licensed Florida real estate agent. Served as an aviation logistics specialist aboard the USS Nimitz and Whidbey Island's Naval Airbase for EA-6B Prowler and F18 aircraft squadrons. Since 2015, D|U has completed thousands of successful missions from power-plant chimney inspections to filming thoroughbred horses breeze a track. Drones Unlimited® was fortunate to be recognized by then FL Gov Rick Scott and given the Entrepreneur Award. Our beginning included a small drone and gopro combo. Our fleet consists of a DJI M300, LiDAR payload, hologram drone, and much more to be found on our YouTube channel. 

Your Team

Drones Unlimited Pilot

Bryan Gonzalez 

Founder | Licensed FL Real Estate Agent |

107 Drone Pilot

Drones Unlimited Pilot

Dalton Hobbs

D|U Pilot | Equestrian & Wedding Photographer

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Drones Unlimited Pilot
Drones Unlimited Pilot

Brandon Charles 

D|U Pilot | Serving Volusia County

Daniel Mendez

D|U Pilot | Serving Alachua County

Service Area

Drones Unlimited® provides drone LiDAR services nationwide!

Main office located in Florida. Contact us today for a quote.

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