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Drones Unlimited®

Licensing Opportunity

A drone business franchise alternative.

Apply To Fly

To become a Drones Unlimited® pilot you must first complete a simple application. Once all information is received, we will reach out to you for further instructions. Must be 18 years or older and hold a valid 107 Remote Pilot Cert. (this form is not an agreement or contract)


Thanks! Message sent.


Licensing is similar to a franchise but offers more freedom to the entrepreneur. Franchises are limited. We are Drones Unlimited. Once qualified and for a nominal monthly fee based on your location, you will receive:


  1. Exclusive rights to brand yourself & business with the Drones Unlimited® name and logo in your geographic area.

  2. A pilot package including branded material will be sent to you.

  3. You keep 100% of the money paid by clients you generate on your own. 

  4. The ability to capitalize on the Drones Unlimited® brand, reputation, and growth.

  5. Mentorship with the D|U team and other D|U pilots.

D|U Support

Once accepted as a Drones Unlimited® pilot, we as a team will help provide you with what you need to become successful in the drone industry. You will have the ability to learn and grow from professionals that have been there done that.


Drones Unlimited® Licensee

Drones Unlimited® deserves to be in the hands of experienced drone entrepreneurs. When it comes to drone services, our licensing solution is a way to accelerate your current drone business. We will do the hard but important work for you which includes coming up with a clever brand name with room for growth, webpage designed for you, and a pilot package that includes branded apparel so you are sharp when arriving to jobs. As we grow, you grow. 

You keep 100% of the revenues you make from services. Royalty fees are flat.

Access to other qualified Drones Unlimited® pilots, which opens the doors to participate in larger projects. Licensing is less restrictive than a franchise.

The Drones Unlimited® team is dedicated to help you grow your drone business. 

You are your own boss. This solution is for drone pilots that currently have their own drone business but want to re-brand to gain traction.

We need exceptional pilots to provide outstanding support!