Licensing Opportunity

Frequently Asked Questions

  • ​​​Is this a franchise?

It is very similar. We are licensing Drones Unlimited® to qualified drone pilots to use as leverage for their business. Qualified pilots will do business as Drones Unlimited and receive mentorship and support.

  • How is this different from a franchise?

A franchise is considerably more expensive and more restrictive to the franchisee. For example, some franchises require you to operate only within one industry. Drones Unlimited licensing is a more flexible solution. Drone pilots now have the opportunity to perform in multiple industries under the powerful Drones Unlimited name. 

  • Is there a buy-in to become a D|U Pilot? 

Yes. Buy-in price varies on location.

  • How much is the buy-in for the license opportunity? 

You can expect our one time licensing fee in the range of $8,000 to $25,000. In comparison, a franchise fee can be expected to be $35,000+. This price varies per location and your experience. 

  • What do I get for the buy-in?

The one time buy-in includes branded Drones Unlimited® material and embroidered apparel in a custom supply crate. This also includes a custom web page and business cards. Here's an example of a D|U pilot web page,


  • Is there a monthly fee, how much?

Licensees will contribute a FLAT nominal monthly royalty fee. Franchises typically require a royalty fee and percentage from each of your jobs. With us, you keep what you earn but only contribute the flat royalty. Our royalty fee is $300/ month.

  • Why the royalty fee?

The royalty fees will contribute to the on going support and updates needed for pilots. We are mentors and a team for you. When we receive calls or inquiries through our website, we send the customer directly to you. Our mentors are experienced drone pilots and photographers who make a living doing just this.

  • As a D|U Pilot, will each job have a royalty due?

The monthly royalty fee is flat. You can make an "Unlimited" amount of money from your jobs for a flat monthly royalty. You do not owe us anything for the jobs you perform.

  • Can a D|U Pilot back out and revert to their old business name?

Yes. You may back out with notice. Any fees paid are non refundable and you may not use the Drones Unlimited® name for business after cancellation. You can still perform drone services but not utilizing anything confusingly similar to the Drones Unlimited trademarks.  

  • Can anyone buy-in and become a Drones Unlimited® pilot?

We have minimum requirements which include an active 107 Remote Pilot certification and proven flight experience. A background check may be performed.

  • Do I have to make a new LLC or business organization?

We can walk you through these steps.



  • Can I accept payments as "Drones Unlimited"?

Yes! As a licensee, we will walk you through how your current bank can accept payments as "Drones Unlimited".

  • Can I sell Drones Unlimited® merchandise as a licensee?​​

No. Licensees will receive a generous discount towards any Drones Unlimited® merchandise and branded material for personal use. This opportunity is not for pilots to be in the retail space.

  • Who pays for my marketing?

As a Drones Unlimited® pilot, you will be representing this brand in your location as your own boss. We have an in house Online Marketing Specialist that is here to guide you in the right direction whenever you need it. (marketing restrictions apply)

  • Will other Drones Unlimited® Pilots compete with me in my area?

No. There will be a gap between pilots. That means if your location is taken, we can not offer that location to anyone else. If a licensee backs out, another person can purchase your location. 

  • If I am a Drones Unlimited® pilot, may I contract other pilots to perform my jobs?

No. Only the licensee can use the Drones Unlimited® name in commercial services. You may collaborate to get the job done. Drones Unlimited is not to be represented by anyone other than to licensees.

  • Do we have unlimited drones?​