Drone Pilots & Construction

When it comes to construction photography, drones might be the best way to monitor progress. Drones Unlimited® has been filming construction sites via drone since 2016. What does it mean to shoot progress photos of a construction site? In a nut shell, construction of most buildings take months to several years to complete. Every month, the job site progresses closer to the finished product. If you are supervisor in charge of these job sites, drone media can be turned into many quantitative data points including 2d and 3d media. With 2d and 3d aerial media, this allows supervisors to determine volumetric measurements of stockpile, asset monitoring, and basic measurements including distance. Construction is one example where a drone can better monitor and measure large areas with great precision. This video shows two pilots in action under Drones Unlimited® performing services on a Jacksonville construction site that requires special authorization due to the Naval Air Station near by.

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