Hologram Drone with updated 107 rules

The updated FAA 107 rules should be applied mid-March 2021. The most popular update is the ability to fly at night. What does that mean for 107 commercial drone pilots? More services will be created with more pilots flying frequently.

Hologram Drone Advertising

Drones suspending a banner is not a new thing. Drones hold them vertically while planes have them horizontal. Daylight is a factor for banners to be seen. That is not the case with a hologram drone. Let us dig into the details and closeups.


· 3D FAN: GIWOX 25.6 inch 3D hologram fan display. Remote Controlled

· RESOLUTION: 960 leds (960p)

· DRONE: Custom ProDrone X-F1 X8


· FLIGHT TIME: 14+- Minutes

This setup does not exist in the google sphere. It had to be made. This custom hologram drone was a side project for the Drones Unlimited® brand. A year worth of trial and errors. Sometimes tinkering with it and setting it aside. The time has come to reveal what could be the future of drone advertising. With ease of night operations by mid-March 2021, the timing could not have been more perfect.


A hologram or monitor can hold as many ads as the SD card can handle. While the drone is flying, ads can be swapped via remote. One flight can be for several clients at once. A drone pilot can now charge per the minute while flying ads in prime locations. Due to the ease of installing an SD card, any business or person can pay to have their ad flown. QR codes can easily be played on a hologram or monitor. Does this work? The answer is yes. In the video below, we played a QR code, and a phone can pick it up. Anyone can have their social media flown, or a link directly to their subscribe button.

Reading QR Code - one handed

Joshua Bardwell's logo on the hologram drone

No Schooling

Most drone services require hours of experience or schooling. Drone advertising does not require extensive (or expensive) training. Operating an ad drone can be simple as letting the drone hover in place. Commercial drone operations still require a 107 in the US.


This type of service was inevitable. It is too early in the game to know how lucrative this really is. There are no good examples of this type of service on the interwebs. Many flights and customer testimonials will determine how effective this can be. Subscribe to Drones Unlimited to stay updated.

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