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Updated: Dec 13, 2020


The Drones Unlimited® Licensing Solution.

Our mission is simple. Help drone pilots succeed. We have registered the Drones Unlimited® brand so other qualified pilots can utilize the D|U brand as leverage. D|U offers a licensing solution to drone pilots with what we believe is a kickstart for their business. Pilots now have the opportunity to break into the drone industry at an accelerated pace instead of going at it alone. With the D|U licensing opportunity, qualified drone pilots can rebrand their business remarkably similar to a franchise. This requires a one-time licensing fee and flat rate monthly royalty. A franchise can limit the entrepreneur to a single market while requiring the franchisee to pay a monthly royalty with additional royalties per job. With D|U, the jobs performed by pilots belong to the pilot as the monthly royalty fee is flat. Drones Unlimited does not want a royalty fee for the jobs you earn. The Drones Unlimited licensing solution includes a custom webpage, branded material, and monthly mentorship to help pilots grow. D|U pilots have the ability to collaborate with other D|U pilots. Drones Unlimited® is arguably one of the best names to have as a drone business. Founded by a veteran and licensed real estate agent.

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Drone. The origin.

The word “drone” has become the easiest term to describe an unmanned aerial vehicle. "Drones" have been among us since the 1800’s. It wasn’t until the early 2010’s where the term “drone” has come to fruition globally. The United States and other countries have developed unmanned aircraft capable of carrying payloads while traveling long distances. This tech was initially made with no intention for civilian consumers to use on a day-to-day basis. Rather, “drone” tech was initially invented to carry payloads of destruction to enemies of other countries/territories. That is still true today as military fixed wing unmanned aircraft routinely monitor the skies of foreign countries that pose a serious threat to human life. If necessary, military drones can accurately destroy targets without a physical person inside the craft. The MQ-9 Reaper is a United States fixed wing drone that is feared across the globe. The term "drone" became well known because of military use before becoming popular with the average civilian. Today, most people associate "drone" to the less destructive version under 55 pounds that you can purchase online or at a local Best Buy.

Drone services. The beginning.

In 2014, the consumer drone industry was sparking. At the time, no one had a clear understanding who had authority over small drones. There was no true definition of what a drone pilot was. The FAA began with requiring businesses to obtain a 333 exemption that would allow a business to fly small drones for money. The kicker of the 333 was that it presented no true guidance how to operate safely or legally. Drone operators were required to carry an active FAA pilot license to operate a drone they purchased from Best Buy. This meant drone operators would have to hire a licensed pilot to fly their small drone under 55 pounds. Small drones at the time were required to register an N-number to be placed on the drone just like a full-sized aircraft. In August of 2016, the FAA created new rules for drone operators. The “Part 107”. Part 107 can be obtained by completing a test at your local airport through the FAA. Once you obtain a Part 107, you can fly small drones for money within FAA guidelines. 2021 may bring another scenario. New rules are to be announced around January 2021 by the FAA as they named it "Remote ID". The Remote ID rules may go in affect within two years of announcement.

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